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The blue Title links will open a new browser window to provide PDF files of the research progress reports and published works. These files may be large in some instances so please be patient when downloading these files.


Luan D.Truong, M.D.

Fas Mediated Tubular and Interstitial Cell Apoptosis in Chronic Obstructive Uropathy


Graeme Mardon, Ph.D.

Identification of New Members of the Retinal Cell Fate Specification Protein Complex


T. Rajendra Kumar, Ph.D.

Regulation of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-testis Axis in the Atrichosis Mutant Mouse


Mouse Models to Study the Pituitary-Testis Interplay Leading to Regulated Gene Expression


Male Reproductive Phenotypes in double Mutant Mice Lacking both FSHb and Activin Receptor IIA


Slawomir Lukomski, Ph.D.

Streptococcal Collagen-like Protein is an Important Pathogenicity Factor for Group A Streptococcus which Participates in Host-Pathogen Interactions and Induces an Autoimmune Response Agasint Collagen in Humans


Identification and Characterization of the scl Gene Encoding a Group A Streptococcus Extracellular Protein Virulence Factor with Similarity to Human Collagen


Identification and Characterization of a Second Extracellular Collagen-Like Protein Made by Group A Streptococcus: Control of Production at the Level of Translation


Streptococcal Collagen-Like Proteins: Gene Distribution, Expression and Role in Pathogenesis



Mei X. Wu, Ph.D.

Potential Tumorigenesis and Abnormal Cell Survival Induced by anti-Death Gene IEX-1


Milton Feingold, Ph.D..

The Role of G-Protein coupled chemokine Signalling in a Murine Model of Ulcerative Colitis



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