The Moran Foundation Research Projects 1989-1990


Moran Foundation


 1989-1990 Research Projects




Emilie Rouah, M.D.

Demonstration of Epstein-Barr Virus in Primary Central Nervous System Lymphomas by the Polymerase Chain Reaction and In situ Hybridization


Philip Migliore, M.D.

Cyclosporine: HPLC vs RIA in Individual Patients with Specific Organ Transplants


Abdus Saleem, M.D.

Cell Cycle Dependant Expression of Proto-Oncogens

Richard Sifers, Ph.D.

Intracellular Transport of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin

Accumulation of the Insoluable PIZ Variant of Human Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Within the Hepatic Endoplasmic Reticulum Does Not Elevate the Steady-State Level of GRP78/BiP



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